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  • Solar system Installation

    Both roof mount and ground mount systems are an effective way to cut your utility bill


    Make your own power and sell the extra power back to the utility company!


    Everything from rain-water catchment to micro-hydro systems

    Solar Panel Cleaning

    Dirty panels can rob your system of valuable energy

  • Incentives

    There are many reasons to switch to solar!

    Federal Tax Credit

    The federal government offers a 30% tax rebate on the cost of installation.

    State Tax Credit

    The state offers up to $6,000, up to $1,500/yr for four years.

    Energy Trust of Oregon Cash Rebate

    If your utility company is Pacific Power.

  • Certifications

    NABCEP Certified

    North American Board of Certified Energy Pracitioners

    Voluntary certification programs accomplish three important goals:

    1. Provide a measure of protection to the public by giving them a credential for judging the competency of practitioners;
    2. Provide practitioners with a way to distinguish themselves from their competition; and
    3. Improve quality, public perception of the given occupation and increase the industry’s prominence.

    TCCT Certified

    Tax Credit Certified Technician

    This certification allows your system to qualify for state tax credit

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  • Mission Statement

    Here at Central Valley Solar we are dedicated to finding the best solar solution for you and your family. From roof mount to ground mount and in between we are here to meet your solar energy needs in Oregon's central Willamette valley. So call today for a free evaluation of your solar site (541) 740-0767.